TuxGuitar 1.2

Sheet music creator and exporter that is perfect for collaboration

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TuxGuitar is the feature-rich, Open Source multitrack tablature viewer, editor and player that makes use of Java Script for composing music. Using SWT Graphic libraries, this multi-platform application released under GNU Lesser General Public License is compatible with Linux, Windows, MacOS and others. TuxGuitar is helpful to musicians, songwriters, teachers, students and the autodidact or novice looking for a useful self-education tool.

A Wealth of Tools and Features

At first blush, TuxGuitar is a dynamic interface with an array of tools using Windows shortcuts and tools fashioned in a familiar layout. The appearance of the software is inviting for those who like to jump right in and get their feet wet. There is a helpful guide explaining every drop-down item in the menus in addition to the graphic symbols that coincide with all the drop-down tools. The initial introduction may seem intimidating; however, with a quick read of the “Getting Started” chapters, anyone can dive right in and start composing music with immediate playback of the notes as they are put down.

Convenient and Familiar Editing Tools

Navigating the interface is as simple as getting the hang of a keyboard, whether that’s a piano or a fretboard. The familiar shortcuts for undo and redo along with the arrow keys for moving about quickly promises the investment of time is going to be worth it. Layouts include page, linear and multitrack if there are multiple instruments in the piece. The page shows your choice of treble, base, tenor or alto clef staff displaying musical notations on top with the tablature below it displaying the actual finger placement for the guitar. A simple click produces a guitar fretboard displayed at the bottom of the page on which notes or chords may be produced and toned as you click on them. The beauty of this application is in the versatility of applying the notes to the tabs. Clicking directly on the tabs or the staff will also lay down the notes.

Plan Settings in Advance

Before you start inserting notes, it is useful to go into the composition tools and assign the time signature, which may also be changed in the middle of a song only affecting the current placement to the end of the song, or where another change is made. Key signatures can be designated, as well as the triplet feel, the rhythmic device used to augment an initial note as a second note is diminished. The TuxGuitar application divides the note par of 8th or 16th notes in a 2:1 ratio. Designate the number of strings, the alternate tuning, if applicable, as well as assuring that the tuning is correct. This is just touching the tip when it comes to this rich musician’s tablature app.


  • Easy-to-use versatile interface readily produces immediate results
  • Realtime playback with a choice of instrumental sounds
  • Full features to treat the music, not just a close facsimile
  • MIDI port sound and MIDI Sequencer options
  • Dynamic application supporting seven other tablature formats and four other music and sheet formats
  • Register to share music created in TuxGuitar with others who are also registered


  • Greater printer options could improve appearance and layout of prints
  • Novice users can feel intimidated by the array of tools, however, brief immersion into the instructions produces immediate success.

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